Adriana Monaco Parrinello


The First Novel in the "Sin" Series



   Laura Marcs is cruelly thrust into a life of unexplained tragedies, as a result of her father's secret employment with a local mobster. Abandoned and alone, she finds herself in the arms of irresistibly persuasive . . . Tony Warren.

A Love Like No Other

   Bound together by hardship and grief, 

Brought together by God himself.  

A twist of fate has opened the door to happiness.

Laura and Tony fall in love.  

They have plans for a future together. 

But Laura, familiar with destiny’s cruel hand,

inevitably finds that Tony isn’t whom he claims to be. 

Deep, dark secrets threaten to break them apart . . . forever.  

Is Tony a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  

Or is he the man Laura believes him to be? 

Unless the truth be told. . .  

Unless the Fathers' Sins exposed . . .  

Unless God steps in . . .    

Then Laura will find that she must pay for  . . .  

The Fathers' Sins



The Second Novel in the "Sin" Series


After suffering s o many trials in their lives and relationship, Laura and Tony finally get a stab at happiness. They are free from mob ties, past hurts have been forgiven, and wedding plans are in the making.

*           *         *

Tony Giacalone is recovering from a mental breakdown. Although, something still lurks hidden in his psyche; his doctor insists on prodding deeper. As he delves into serious therapy, Tony makes a shocking discovery. A past so horrible, it will once again threaten his future with Laura. Feeling not worthy of her love, he keeps within the shameful memories he recovers and swears to say goodbye to her once more. He must fight the temptation to love her, as it is for her own good.

*          *         *

Laura Knight is elated at Tony’s return. Her dream of marrying him is finally coming true. She prays for Tony’s recovery, as he struggles with his past. Suddenly, he takes a turn for the worse. She notices Tony’s frigid demeanor and wonders what has changed. Is he falling out of love with her? Has he found someone new to love? Regrettably, Laura finds herself fighting even harder than before to keep their love alive. She will have to rely on God to deliver and withstand the temptation to find her own resolution.

*            *          *

Finally, Nino Valente has a chance to redeem himself and repair some of the damage he has caused. He has been forgiven and has a start at a new life with his granddaughter, Laura. He wants to care for her the way he should have cared for his own daughter. But something must be done. Laura cannot marry Tony. Especially when this man is not worthy of her. Will God forgive him for wanting something better for her? For the first time, he is going to have to put things in His mighty hands. Nino has to fight the temptation to step out of the law to help his only living grandchild.

*            *          *

As the riveting love story of Laura and Tony continues, they must overcome evil forces, obstacles, and temptations, to stay together. Ultimately, they will discover that God alone is the One who can save their love. But their faith must endure until the end. They all must try to resist the . . .  


'Temptation to Sin'. 



The Third Novel in the 'Sin's Series'


Forgiven Sins

Laura and Tony's daughter Kara Giacalone is graduating high-school. Her aging great-grandpa Nino's last wish is to take her and the whole family to the old country one last time, for vacation.

At the airport, Kara and her younger brother, Frank, befriend a group of teens. Kara is annoyed with good-looking and arrogant, Santino. His cousin, Mario, seems more her type.

When the flight to Sicily turns to disaster, Santino turns out to be more than Kara expects. They bond during this treacherous journey; connecting in a way that Kara never dreamed.

When finally arriving in Palermo, Sicily safely, Kara can’t seem to stop thinking about him. But when the families discover the teens attachment to one another, secrets begin to seep out, threatening to break the ties that bound the two in the terrible plane crash.  A vacation to remember may end in catastrophe.

Once again, Laura and Tony find themselves fighting nearly impossible odds to help true love triumph.

With God's strength they must unite two families--sworn enemies--and put their vendetta to rest, or Kara and Santino must say good-bye forever.

            If only they could understand that Forgiven Sins could restore and heal . . . and let true love prevail!


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 The Fathers' Sins


Temptation to Sin

 Soon to come: Forgiven Sins