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Pray for those in need!



Brothers and sisters in Christ, 

The past few weeks have been pretty devastating. Between the hurricanes, forest fires, mass shootings, and earthquakes, we have lost many loved ones and so many are still suffering. If there was ever a time for us to pray, this is it! We have never needed Jesus more than we need him now. The hearts of men have grown cold, selfishness is at an all high, and if we don't show our true Christian hearts in what we do and say, those who are sitting on the fence, may fall on the wrong side.

Let us band together and show our true Christian attributes! As in the words of our Lord Jesus, "Love one another, pray for those who persecute you, be perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect!" Surely, we cannot be absolutely perfect, but strive for it! If we all tried to be the very best we can be, if we put our selfishness aside, if we loved the way we're supposed to, this can be a better world! When natural disaster hit, we can help each other. When evil strikes, we can combat it with love. Fightback with goodness, kindness, faithfulness. 

I believe in Love. I believe that true Love can conquer all. Let's be there for each other, if not in person, than in prayer. Remember, where two or more are in agreement in prayer, Christ will hear us! Pray for healing, pray for salvation, pray for love to conquer all! 

Thank you!!

Yours truly, 


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